Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Hunchback of Notre Dame" at the Royal Opera House

By Gemma Cleanslate

I spent another enchanted afternoon at one of my favorite theaters, The Royal Opera House. It is the Musical, Notre Dame de Paris, based on the novel of Victor Hugo. This show was directed by Ina Carpaccio. Just arriving at the theater makes me feel grand and I always choose a gown that will sit well at the theater. 

The setting is the vastness of Notre Dame Cathedral entrance area. The old man, Clopin narrates the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, or the bell ringer of Notre Dame as he is also known. He is made out to be an “idiot” and a very ugly man, Quasimodo. 

The story was written by Hugo in 1881 as a way of getting more people interested in the gothic architecture which was being neglected.  The story was made into a musical in several countries. in the early 1900‘s. There have been several movies depicting the story, including a Disney one in 1996.  If you would like to review the whole story before you go to the theater to see this check wikipedia. 

The story becomes very convoluted as it progresses, with many misunderstandings. The main issue is everyone is in love with the gypsy Esmerelda. That is the crux of the problem. Deception is everywhere along with misunderstandings that change the course of history in the story. 

The presentation of the story here flows from musical pieces and dances one into the other and is most enjoyable. The staging is simple and remains as it is until near the ending. Esmeralda is portrayed by Ina Carpaccio. Andy Loon plays Quasimodo .They both die at the ending of this tragic tale along with Frollo. the Church official  who has the decreed the death of Esmeralda.   

The show will be presented again but dates are not set yet. Keep an eye out for advertisement. Visit the theater to see the grandeur of not only the building, inside and out,  but the surroundings. You will find posters of upcoming shows and dates and view the steps and doors to the Opera House and a map of the building. 

Gemma Cleanslate 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Afternoon With The Lindens at The Castle Home and Garden

By Bixyl Shuftan

On the afternoon of Wednesday July 26, there was a fun event at the Castle, Home, and Garden contest. There would be a "Meet and Greet" with the Lindens. They wouldn't be answering anyone's questions. They would just be there to have a little fun.

Get all your friends, family and join us for an afternoon with The Lindens!
?·2PM to 4PM SLT
?·Dunk Tank 50L a ball to dunk a Linden!
?·Wrestling Arena
?·Hugg a Linden
?·Much More!
Come and spend the afternoon with the Lindens and contribute to fighting back to find that cure for Cancer!

There were a number of Lindens there, such as Tommy Linden in the picture above. "Hmmmm, Tomas is in a cowboy outfit," I observed, "Can we expect a mechanical bull?"

Sid the sugar glider spoke out, "Step closer my friends! Don't be shy. These Lindens have been fed so they wont bite, but they are for you !" Dee commented, "I make no promises of not biting." Someone responded, "Oooh can we bites a Linden?" Keira Linden responded, "You mean I had my teeth sharpened for nothing?" Tommy Linden asked, "Wait, the other Lindens got fed?" Sid then conceeded, "Okay, no promises of no biting, but I have band-aids."

"Invite your Friends, Family, Enemies and all those who would LOVE the opportunity to dunk a Linden! Take on a Linden in the Arena! and or even hug one!"

Dee Linden got in the wrestling ring, which was not made for actual wrestling, but had still poseballs for poses. The lady Linden tried to encourage people to get into fight scenes with her, "Come on gang, I'm wimpy, y'all can take me." But when tiny Sid got in the ring, she didn't seem to know what to do.

"Get your photo taken beating up a Linden!  Now you can frame that and put it in your SL Home as proof!!" The poses could make you look like you were beating up a Linden, or getting beaten up by one. I imagine after certain articles I wrote, this is how some Lindens felt like responding.

And there were a couple kissing booths, "Bianca is ready for kisses!!!!!!" But when a certain stinker hopped in, she didn't seem to know what to do, even though skunks and kissing booths are nothing new.

Of the dunking booth, "Let's celebrate our precious Lindens! By drowning them!" when Keira Linden was sitting there, no one could thrown any balls. By the time the sim's permissions had been adjusted, Tommy Linden had taken the seat, and found himself unable to stay on the seat for more than two seconds for a while as he was constantly being knocked into the water. "Does it work now?" Sid asked of the booth. Tommy Linden answered, "Oh it's working all right." "Is Tommy clean enough now?" iSkye Silverweb asked, "maybe needs another dunking or two?"

Tommy Linden then decided to dry off in the wrestling ring, but he was still getting piled on.

Tommy then decided to give the kissing booth a try, " Alright, if this booth ain't safe, I am blaming Sid." Then Sunweaver chieftess Rita Mariner stepped up, "Who's manning the Kissing Booth, I am here to plunder some booty."

But she settled for a few ear rubs.

Mikati Slade, the "baker" of  the Second Life Birthday's "Cake Stage" was also there. Here, she prepares to lob a baseball at the dunk tank with Kristen Linden on the seat.

Kikas Babenco, half of the "Kikas and Marmaduke" comedy act, was there too.

Kona Linden was also there.

As was Shanian Linden.

"The Strange Wolf," just being strange around Tommy Linden.

Tommy Linden fiddles with the kissing booth. His efforts would get him cartooned

Catfight! Rasberrykiss shows a few moves she picked up from the Roman RP.

 A hungry dino looks at Kristen Linden's bony avatar.

Not sure what Mikati was doing here.

It was a fun time that afternoon when the Relayers and friends got to have a little fun with the Lindens.

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, July 28, 2017

Any1's "Feed a Smile" Event, The "Pixel to Pixel" Fundraiser, And The Benefit Concert For Maxx Sabretooth

By Bixyl Shuftan

It was a case of "friends with benefits," or rather two benefits going on last Saturday July 22, along with a third that had taken place a couple days earlier.

The biggest one was organized by Any1 Gynoid, a friend of the Newser whom was once one of it's reporters, in addition to being a former CNN iReporter. Her tenth rezzday fell on Saturday July 22, and she decided to turn it into an 11 hour-long benefit for the "Feed a Smile" group in the sim of the same name, which raises funds for the Live and Learn in Kenya charity.

The event started at 8AM. I dropped in just after 10:30 AM and saw some stand-up comedy featuring with Catboy Qunhua, Wy Noyt, (Wyvern Blazewood), Thinkerer Melville. After that a performance of African drum music by DJ Ottowan (aka Pilot of the Airwaves).

By the end of the event at 7PM, over 145,000 Linden dollars had been raised. At 100L per meal, this was enough for 1450 meals. Any1 was pooped after all this, "I wants to curl up in fetal position for about 24 hours after 11 hour event madness (giggle)."

"RPBizzile" would film the 8:30AM performance by Whirli Placebo.

Also going on that day was the "Pixel to Pixel" anniversary party. The group, which has been in Second Life for eight years, helps the disables and others with limited or no incomes some financial assistance inworld in order to "do things that many enjoy in SL without giving it a second thought -- have a home, buy some clothing or furniture, or simply taking snapshots or uploading textures." The event, besides celebrating the occasion, was also to raise donations to provide such support.

Jadyn Firehawk, the founder of the group, was among those there. She had special thanks for the people at the Junkyard Blues club as "their donation kiosk ... single handedly brings in the most donations of anywhere else on the grid!" Later on, "I need to say too that Eme Capalini is here from Virtual Ability, which is the group that I came into SL through, on day 1, and inspired me to do the foundation in the first place"

There were cutouts of a Hawaiian man and woman, of which one could click to get a lei and hula hoop. There was also some AI device named Kyrie, which provided entertainment in the form of often random answers in response to requests, "Hey Kiri, tell us a joke!" "I would avoid the sushi if I was you. It’s a little fishy." "Hey Kiri, tell another joke." "Hmm. Thinking… 'Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block' is the second full-length album from New Jersey indie rock band Danielson Famile." When asked who made her, it answered, "I was created by Stephen Wolfram and his team." When someone invited Kyrie to greet me, it's response was, "Hi there Bixyl. Wow, you're certainly shorter than most dudes in Second Life."

Jadyn told me the event today alone had raised, 55,930 Linden dollars, "for the week, because of the publicity for the event included, it's L$77,571. That translates to 155 person-weeks of support!" As the party neared it's end, people wished her and Pixel to Pixel well, "Congratulations on your 8th anniversary, may there be many many more. SL has been and is a lifeline for me, so glad to be able to help this excellent cause."

A couple days earlier, there had been another benefit worth mentioning. Maxx Sabretooth, a live musician in Second Life, he has had health problems in recent years, and in need of a heart/and kidney transplants. He would write on his gofundme page, "This week I am heading to Houston, TX for evaluation for this lifesaving surgery which will be an expensive venture. Therefore, I am attempting raise approximately $2500 to help in this process." So Mrs. Elissiana Jahzara Caproni (Elissiana Caproni) announced a concert to raise funds for him.

Maxx Sabretooth is undergoing medical evaluations this week for a heart/kidney transplant! We're having 3 benefit concerts at Nat's Jazz Club's outdoor stage Today July 20, 2017: 3pm SLT - Keeba Tammas 4pm SLT - Max Keene 5pm SLT - Chandra Deed It's outside, so come as you are and support Maxx!!!

Heading over to Nat's Jazz Club, Keeba Tammas and her "Tiny Maniacs" had the stage, entertaining the crowd with their music and antics. "Soooo adorable!" one lady called them. Elissiana Caproni was there, calling out, "We're all here to help Maxx Sabretooth  out in his journey to  a better quality of life, so be sure to tip the jars on either side of the stage  to show your love and support! o directly donate to his go  fund me page  click the sign on the far  right side with Maxx's photo..Thanks  so much!" Following Keeba and her band was Max Kleene.

Talking later to Elissiana, she told me, "We raised over 51K but  there may be another benefit for him this weekend. ... Maxx is a good friend and we were glad to pitch in and help the funds be raised tonight. ... We had a great turn out tonight." There was another event, and they met the goal of the current gofundme. But this is most likely not the end of Max's expenses.

Three fundraisers for three worthy causes.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The KT Autism Festival

By Bixyl Shuftan

At the Rosemist Isle sim, the KT Autism Festival is taking place. At the event, there is music, shopping, and things to see. Raising money for the World Autism Organization, the benefit will go on to July 31st. The fundraiser is unusual as that it takes place underwater, with sea grasses, starfish, coral, and other things from the sea around the place.

I dropped by the day before the event started, and had a few words with Amythe Moonlight, the head of Made By Moonlight Rosemoon Designs, who was part of the staff of the fundraiser. "It got so big this year we had to take a whole sim," she told me after I arrived, "and make a map of the stalls. We have four hunts goin gon, one in the stalls, one to find a fifty Linden box of textures every day, one where things that shouldn't be under the water will give you a word when you click then so you can make a sentence, and a last one where you will find song reference in the decor round the sim."

But not everything was underwater Amythe pointing out, "Up on the water's surface we have a party boat with a bar and restaurant,and more dancing of course," later pointing out there was a teleport point up to it. She pointed to some vendors, "The gacha machines are held in place by crabs down this side. And most of the stalls are set up now. On the other side of the dance area we have one of a kind auctions."

Amythe then invited me to go on a ride. We walked over to a sea turtle and both got on, recomending I change the sun setting in my viewer to Midnight, "makes a huge difference. You don't see the lights without Midnight (smile). She joked that this was the first time she had tested it. The ride was very detailed, going into a cavern, then down into a whirlpool vortex in the middle and into another cave. The turtle sailed out into a larger cavern where there was a forest of kelp and some luminous plants that glowed, some fish darting around between them. Eventually, the turtle circled around, and we went back up the vortex from whence we came and back out of the first cave, "So that's the underwater ride."

Amythe then continued about the festival, "We have around 100 stalls this time. People have been offering help and items. It seems Autism is something many like to support." She personally had been helping out that day for over nine hours and would probably be around for several more. I asked how much of the items was going to charity. She answered, "We have several ways of donating from sales as well as the auctions and the exclusives and festival bargains set for 25L. Some of our merchants are giving 100% of sales.  If you walk round you will see the special vendors in the stalls. And those who don't have them have provided exclusive one off auction items or  donated in some other form. Several have given items to be used for raffles or hunts and/ or made exclusives items just for the festival. The merchants have been a lovely crowd.The Kushitales store is mine (giggle) with the 'Lizard of Oz' book and collectibles. ... The donation boards give gifts- different in each one and changed at milestones. ... We hope to make a really good amount for Autism. " She pointed out that the land had also been donated for use by the festival by "one lovely lady," Hanta.

Amythe introduced me to one merchant, KitKatPerrin Resident. When I asked how she found out about the festival, she answered, "Firestorm had an announcement that they were looking for designers. I ran the idea across my business partners and we decided that since it went towards a charity that touches us, we'd try it." Of her business, "Shadow Creationz is a group of three people, me, Ronin Furyo, and Luna. The products I myself have up are the lyrical tease outfit, what I'm wearing now, which is for sale for the 25 Linden sale price with all profits going to the charity." I noticed she had the Relay's UAC Medieval Faire in her profile and asked her about it. Smiling, she told me she had products on sale for charity then, "I was working under my Feline Fine Fashions name there." Switching back to the festival, "The other outfit we have for sale is 100% to chirty - it's the fancy top and skirt that Luna is wearing for 65 Linden. We also have two hunt items for 10 Lindens apiece."

Amythe pointed out the three mascots of the festival, "The Elephant the Rhino and the Holy Goat. ... When Kushi Mitch and I do an event, we put them out. But I put snorkels on them this time so they didnt drown." KitKatPerrin joked, "Ehh it's SL, they'll respawn." that was followed by more laughter.

Amythe emphasized, "I want to flag up the enthusiasm  and helpfulness of all the merchants. Without them there would be no Festival, and no money for Autism. They have all been so patient and nice." KitKatPerrin went on to say, "If anything I'm doing here at the festival spares one person the struggles I've dealt with in my life, then it's worth it."

"It's going to be fun the next two weeks," Amythe told me, "I hope the merchants will come and spend time here too and mkeet some of the customers and do some networking and bring everyone they know."

Amythe would later tell me via a notecard it wasn't just a hundred stalls, but almost a hundred different merchants involved at the charity, with room for others should they wish to join during the event. "Many merchants have offered a percentage of their sales to the Charity. This varies from 25%-100%! Merchants have also donated one of a kind items for Auction which will be ongoing throughout the Festival and exclusives items with a minimum of 50% going to the Charity. Some have put out 25L Bargains or 10L hunt items others have simply offered a percentage of anything they sell during this time. We have so many different kinds of merchandise being sold. Clothes and Jewellry, art and photography, wedding items, furniture, things for home and garden, gifts, textures, full perm items even rollercoasters. Although the shopping is amazing and there are some wonderful bargains to be had we also have hunts going on, djs and live singers at set times in the day, a treasure chest with a different texture pack each day, a hunt with song title references to spot, an out of place hunt where you'll see things that wouldn't normally be on the sim, a restaurant and bar up on our party boat and a turtle ride that takes you down into underwater caves."

They were also keeping track of the money, "We have a banker alt to keep the donations seperate and are able to check all transactions to ensure we have  everything documented properly.two to three weeks after the event closes we'll be sending out a copy of the receipt for the donation to all merchants and anyone else is welcome to request a copy of it."

And when is the next festival? "Ah now we need a little time to  recover from this one first but I would not be at all surprised to find another festival sometime between October and December."

The KT Festival is at Rosemist Isle (126, 128, 21)

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, July 24, 2017

Reader Submitted: Burnstock 2017

By Klaus Bereznyak

Burnstock is a full 36 hours of music from DJs and live performers at the Burn2 Deep Hole Sim this weekend. It's a final, major fundraising event to raise lindens for the week-long Big Burn in the fall. Quite simply, the more money raised the more sims and prims can be available for anyone who wants to contribute builds to the festival in October.

I rezzed at the official landing spot and had to walk a little way to reach the Burnstock stage, heading for all the green dots on the minimap. Having recently hosted a communal installation of art and building celebrating the "conception" of Burn2. The dry, cracked desert surface of the 'playa' has been cleared in accordance with the Principles of Burning Man to "leave no trace," and a stage has been put up in the NW corner to host the event. There's an option to rez an Art Car and drive down there, but the warm desert felt good under my bare feet, recently liberated from the historical garb I prefer to wear around New Toulouse.

Dotted about the playa are kiosks where visitors can donate to "Fuel the Burn" in October. While the Deep Hole Sim itself is sponsored by Burning Man for community building and creative expression throughout the year, money must be raised for the extra sims required during the Big Burn or "Octoburn". Burn2 is an officially sanctioned Burning Man Regional festival. It promotes the Ten Principles of Burning Man, which include an aspiration to "Decommodification" and mean that the festival is intended to be free of commercial sponsorship and advertising.

Other principles of Burning Man include "Radical Inclusion", "Radical Self Reliance" and "Radical Self Expression". In the spirit of these, there was an open invitation for avatars to contribute their own-designed posters for the Burnstock Event, and these are displayed all over the sim en route to the stage.

I arrived to sound of mellow world-fusion vibes on the airwaves as DJ Gleanr rounded off a set. Avatars were dancing in front of the stage, and on the roof of a bus, amid bursts of flame. Burn staff Mia Wallace and iSkye Silverweb were on hand to greet avatars while another veteran burner, Pianoman, took to the stage with a huge, pink piano to play some of his original solo piano compositions.

I suspect he was getting help from the parrot on his shoulder, as some of the pieces had bass or string-section accompaniments.

A laid-back atmosphere settled over the listeners, and many of us sat down in the dust and let our minds cool to the transportive melodies. This was just what I needed after another busy day in this extraordinary world.

The performance program continued through Sunday the 23rd July:

08:00 -10:00am    DJ Rockridge Constantine
10:00 - 11:00am   Al Hofmann Live
11:00 - 12:00am   DJ Cuga Rajal
12:00 - 01:00pm   Yman Juran: the ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow Performance
01:00 - 02:00pm   DJ Retune
02:00 - 03:00pm   Guitarhero Dougall Live
03:00 - 04:00pm    DRUM (Divine Rhythms Universal Music) Live

I'm especially excited to see that Yman Juran's group was performing. They are always a treat.

For the Octoburn, the theme that artists and builders are being invited to interpret is "Radical Ritual". Plots can be bought at kiosks on the playa and there's a 10% extra prim allowance for the early birds who bag theirs before the 31st of July. You don't have to be amazing to participate; it's all about Radical Inclusion.

Visit burnstock here:

There is more information on the Burn2 Website:


Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Relay "Flood Party"

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Wednesday July 19, it was the last day the Relay sims would be open to public before the day they were scheduled to be torn down. So people were going about the track to see the campsites and designer sims before that, either those that they hadn't seen in detail yet or those they wanted to get one more look at. The Chinese temple at RFL Journey and the Egyptian build at RFL Imagine were among those that received much praise for detail in the chat I observed. But the day would also be the occasion for what's become a Relay for Life in Second Life tradition: the "Flood Party."

The Flood Party didn't start out as a planned event, but an impromptu one. In 2010 on the last day before the sims on the Relay track were cleaned up, there were various parties and gatherings in the sim, and one sim manager on a whimsy rose the water level ten feet, flooding the place. The response was people flocking over and partying, often with inner tubes and inflatables. Since then, the "flood party" has become something of a Relay tradition, taking place on the day before the takedown. And this year was no exception, the announcement given the day before, for 5PM SL time.

Location TBA on Wednesday
Join us one last time for a Farewell party to the Relay Sim.
Dance, party and share your relay memories!

Bring your inner tube to put on and wear your water proof clothes....just sayin.

And while we explored the Relay track and things, we heard the announcement for where.

***** Weather Alert *****

T1Radio Meteorologist Hughes Lee Wronge has predicted heavy rain and flooding in the Grid Area around the RFL Regions..  To Begin about 5pm...

Is that going to Stop Us? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Flood the Sims Party on RFL Regions   5-7pm tonight with T1radios Trader

So at 5PM, I headed to RFL Victory, and already a large crowd had gathered. Some were already in swimsuits. It was already overcast and raining. "think I got the umbrella out just tad late," one resident commented, "soaked to the bone (laughter)."The sim already had a good amount of water in it, enough for a riverboat to be floating in it. And it wasn't long before the water level began to rise, "Here comes the water." "Water rises fast in these parts." "Water is rising, soon the rubber duckies will be put into use." It was becoming obvious unlike some years, the water wouldn't just be ankle deep.

People were having a good time, greeting people as they arrived and enjoying the water. But there was one issue: "Rowena!!!" "Can't see Ro....go under already?" Rowena Dubrovna, the Relay's tiny otter, was a height smaller than the water level. "Someone save the Otter!" Prettykitty Gumbo shouted. "Otter can sit on my shoulder," Sienna Thor offered, then wondered, "on second thought ..." "Can't otters swim?" one girl reminded. Another tossed a life jacket to the tiny otter.

The Strange Wolf (Henning Lionheart), noted more for his slobbering, offered to do another doggy action to "help," "I can help the flood along." "Put yur leg down!!!" one girl giggled. The canine continued, "But.. It wouldn't be a bother to me.. Not even a wee bit.  I would be very relieved to know I'd helped." After his usual shaking and sending bits of slobber around, he looked for someone to stand on to avoid getting wet paws. Then Trader began running through the water and splashing those nearby, "Ack! Trader!" "Watch out Trader!!  Got me wet!!!"

Annika Eve Braveheart started passing around inflatable duck floaties, "I have ducks, who needs one?" "AFLAC!" "And we floot on down the river," mused someone.

I then began noticing large splashes in the water, then things being thrown. Then Annika called out, "Who is throwing water balloons? ... Missed me! *GIGGLES*" The Strange Wolf called out, "I'm not sure that was all water.. I saw the cat play with the balloons." Someone chuckled, "In years past we had the coast guard out here." Another tried to get away from the water balloons, "Ack, my bikini is going to get wet!" She was told, "Been pouring all day hun."

More continued to show up. And eventually the floaties and inner tunes were joined by something significantly larger. A WW2 US Army DUKW had sailed up to the group. Inside, Rita Mariner, the captain of the Sunbeamer team, was at the controls. Someone mused, "If it drives like a DUKW, and it sounds like a DUKW, it's a DUKW." Annika joked, "I should have brought my paddle board. *GIGGLES*" Some other Sunnies were aboard and got out, joining the song and dance in the water.

Eventually, the water began receding. There were a few "awwwws," people not wanting the party to end. But eventually people would go their separate ways. Some would go back to exploring the track. It was just hours away to "Takedown Day," and wanted to see the builds while they could.

As always, the "flood party" was a bit of last minute fun before the lights went out for the Relay sims. Unlike a few times, it really was a flood. It was light-hearted fun in deep water.

Bixyl Shuftan